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Natural Language Processing Monthly Seminars:

Deep Learning in NLP


Natural Language Processing group of Amirkabir University of Technology has established a monthly seminars on “Deep Learning for Natural Language Processing” Since February 2017. The given talks in these seminars are as follows:


Previous Talks:

Date Title Presenter Type Slides
19.01.1396 Introduction to Deep Neural Networks Mohammad Mehdi Mahsuli Tutorial PPTx
09.02.1396 Introduction to Unsupervised DL in NLP: Word2Vec Amir Hadifar Tutorial PDF
06.03.1396 Multitask Learning with Deep Neural Networks Zahra Eskandri Research Project Report PDF
30.05.1396 Cross-lingual Models of Word Embedings Soheil Moharramkhani Paper Presentation PDF
30.05.1396 Bi-LSTM Neural Networks for POS Tagging Zahra Pourbahman Paper Presentation PDF
17.07.1396 Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) for Text Mining Iman Khani Paper Presentation PDF
01.08.1396 Deep Learning for Information Extraction Yadollah Yaghoobzadeh Research Project Report
04.10.1396 LSTM Neural Networks for Joint Extraction of Entities and Relations Arefeh Yavari Paper Presentation PDF
20.12.1396 From Word2Vec to Node2Vec Mohsen Fazaeli Paper Presentation
2.2.1397 Interactive Summarization of Scientific Documents Using Genetic Algorithm Farnoush Bayatmakou Project Presentation




In the framework of these seminars, the NLP group is proud to announce that a one-day seminar on this topic was successfully held on November 22nd, 2017 in Computer Engineering and Information Technology Department of Amirkabir University of Technology.
The event provided a joint forum for students and scientists in different universities to present and discuss their latest research findings in this field and mainly novel applications of this field in Persian language processing.
The seminar schedule is as follows:

Full-day seminar on November 22nd, 2017

Time Title Presenter Slides
9:00-9:45 Introduction to Natural Language Processing Saeedeh Momtazi PDF
9:45-10:30 Introduction to Deep Neural Networks and Word Representation Iman Khanijazani PPTX
11:00-11:45 Attention almost from Scratch Amir Hadifar PPTX
11:45-12:30 The Role of Word Embeddings in Word Sense Disambiguation Majid Sadi PDF
13:15-14:00 Deep Learning for Named Entity Recognition and Parts of Speech Tagging Ensieh Hemmatan PDF
14:00-14:45 Neural Language Models Abolfazl Mahdizade PDF





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